Polskie książki z zakresu geofizyki, geologii, petrografii i mineralogii. Bolewski+ , Bolewski Andrzej, Kubisz Jan, Żabiński Witold, . Autorzy. Monika NOWAK [1]; Andrzej MUSZYŃSKI [1]; Marek EWERTOWSKI [1] BOLEWSKI A., PARACHONIAK W., — Petrografia. Wyd. Geol. Moskow: Izdatel'stvo Akad. Nauk SSSR Bolewski Andrzej, and Turnau-. Morawska, Maria: Petrografia, p. Warsaw: Wydawnictwa Geologiczne.


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This issue arouses many controversial views, despite decades of geologic studies conducted throughout the world.

Jul-Dec 2017 Volume 5 (3) ISSN:

The flint concretions have often been found in numerous stratigraphic sections, although geologists seldom pay attention to their occurrence. The lack of detailed petrographic classification of flints andrzej bolewski petrografia also a problem to archeologists.


The first attempt in this respect was made by Stefan Krukowski in who classified andrzej bolewski petrografia flint types derived from archeological excavations. It is interesting to note that flint and chert nodules have also been found in Devonian and Carboniferous sediments.

XIII Meeting of the Petrology Group of the Mineralogical Society of

Besides, redeposited flint concretions are commonly scattered within Andrzej bolewski petrografia deposits throughout Poland. This article presents the outline of terminology, mineralogy, history of geologic and archeological studies, and petrographic and mineralogical characteristics andrzej bolewski petrografia the Upper Jurassic and Cretaceous flints and cherts, respectively.

In addition, different models of the origin of these siliceous rocks are discussed.

The field and petrographic studies provided evidence for the synsedimentary — early diagenetic origin of the flint nodules. Different coloring of individual bands was linked to an increased or decreased number and size of pores that brought about different light reflection: This periodicity combined andrzej bolewski petrografia antiphase, sinusoidal variation in oxygen and hydrogen stable isotope values from the core to the rind of each nodule, as well as the presence of light brown foraminifer tests and low-temperature kaolinite derived from thermal andrzej bolewski petrografia of layered silicates in the nodules may suggest the hydrothermal origin of the Upper Jurassic flints from the Holy Cross Mountains.

Kinetics of the phosphate interaction with calcite. Phosphorus retention in filter materials for wastewater treatment and its subsequent suistability for plant production. The physico-chemical conditions for andrzej bolewski petrografia precipitation of phosphate with calcium.

Jul-Dec Volume 5 (3) ISSN: - PDF

Phosphate adsorption characteristics of soils, slags and zeolites to be used as substrates in constructed wetland systems. Phosphorus-sorption characteristics of calcareous soils and limestone from the southern Everglades and adjacent farmlands.

Phosphorus sorption and chemical characteristics of andrzej bolewski petrografia aggregates LWA - potential filter media in treatment wetlands. Prospect and protection of mineral resources P in Russian.


Minerals of precious metals: The nature of the distribution and concentration of platinum group elements in various geological environments.

Reports of the 27th IGC, Vol.

Phosphorus sorption capacity of different types of opoka

Sulfide mineralization in titanomagnetite ores of the Kolvitsa deposit Kola Peninsula. The study of the phase composition of titanomagnetite in andrzej bolewski petrografia case of the Kolvitsa deposit, Kola Peninsula.

Rational use of mineral resources, ed. Titanomagnetite deposits geology, genesis, prospects for industrial use. Sulfide Cu-Ni ores of Norilsk deposits.

Solariana • Sun | Planets | Moons

The Pudozhgorsky precious metal titanomagnetite deposit. Center of RAS, p. Geology and composition of complex titaniumvanadium ores of the Kolvitsa deposit Kola Peninsula.