Article published at Arquitectura Viva magazine_AV Proyectos. Book review ”Ai Weiwei: Multifacetic Compendium” published at Arquitectura Viva Pg. BIG Arquitectura Viva / editor Luis Fernandez-Galiano. Arquitectura Viva, in AV Monografias no July/August / p (text in. BIG Arquitectura Viva / editor Luis Fernandez-Galiano. Arquitectura Viva, in AV Monografias no July/August / p (text in.


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Here is that interview. Anthony, can you give us a little background about yourself and your firm?

Mansilla + Tuñón : [1992-2011].

Arquitectura viva 144 Adams Cram founded the firm in and it has been in continuous practice since then. The firm has completed hundreds of new churches and additions and other projects in 44 state and France, Canada, Cuba and Panama.

Up until Cram even Catholic churches in this country looked like congregational churches. Cram was smitten with the Catholic liturgy he saw in Italy and worked much of his life to return American liturgy to a Roman Catholic basis.

Part of that process was a revival of Catholic architectural styles including both Romanesque and Gothic. I came to the firm in When I arrived most of the practice was commercial architecture with a few church related projects. When I saw the body arquitectura viva 144 work and arquitectura viva 144 quality of the drawings I resolved to reinvigorate the church practice and now nineteen years later our practice is entirely religious and church related academic.

Arquitectura Viva Transformaciones / Transformations | ArchPAPERS

I spent my first three years out of architecture school working at Payette Associates a prominent medical architecture firm here in Boston. Many firms today operate within the context of a classical or Romanesque idiom, though yours seems to be more weighted toward a medieval, or gothic, form of building, is this merely incidental, or does your firm wish to focus on the gothic style?

Cram believed that the highest point of development arquitectura viva 144 Catholic architecture was Gothic and that it had been cut short by the Reformation. He dedicated his life to designing new Gothic architecture arquitectura viva 144 he saw it as a re-birth of Catholic architecture that could carry on to new heights and could have positive impact on the morality of our civilization.


I agree with Cram that Gothic is the highest form of Catholic architecture and that it is by far the most beautiful spiritual architecture. Both Cram and I have clients who love Romanesque arquitectura viva 144 who demand it and we both comply. Who and what would you cite as particular influences in your design work?

I have studied all of the classical Gothic masters as represented by their churches. We owe a tremendous debt to the Pugins. Father and Son were responsible for the revival in Gothic architecture and preserving and reviving Arquitectura viva 144 architecture and liturgy more than any others.


As Cram certainly did I have looked back to Pugin as a resource. I have his books and use them in my work. Do you have an "ideal" church?

No, and that is important. Each parish is unique and the building should reflect the interests and liturgy of the parish and the time. In arquitectura viva 144 way the parish gives live to the building.