Assassin's Creed Encyclopedia has 41 ratings and 0 reviews. Assassin's Creed The Encyclopedia: Second Edition is the definitive guide to a universe that. Assassin's Creed Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Assassin's Creed 3 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and The Encyclopedia of the Common Man may seem like a lot of work, but.


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Then when you arrive to that guido villa, your pedo Uncle Mario pops up from nowhere to rape you and your family.

As good as any cringeworthy moment. What's even more annoying is that assassins creed encyclopedia certain sequences you feel like you're playing a special children's aid video game, where obvious cutscenes pop up every five minutes, with the new path you just opened, followed by our retardo Italian friend blurting out while drooling: Fucking underachieving depressing dumb asshole.

But he didn't end up voicing them since French-Canadian accents sound ultimately retarded. Ezio Auditore da Firenze - Say it nine times fast. A winner is you. Gay faggot guido from No matter where this asshole goes, he's always getting some boon.

How does he assassins creed encyclopedia it!? Is it the fagstain on his lip?


Only time will tell. His gay lover is Leonardo da Vinci, whom he shares passionate stares with every cutscene. Then there's the touching.

Assassins Creed Encyclopedia

Always the touching, patting, whatever you may call it. It's gay and needs to stop. Every male character in the game has at least one spank or indirect hug from Ezio. Speaking of faggot, he can't seem to remember his assassins creed encyclopedia name, which turns out to be quite-a-surprise.

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Ezio has a shitty cape. Oh yeah, and he has TWO dicks instead of one.

Assassin's Creed

This assfuck is someone assassins creed encyclopedia for drawing shitty things with his own spooge and puke, and for inventing some epic flying machine that actually works.

In the ancient years ofsure.


This guy also translates your hate mail for you, to make some weird-ass map out of it to a secret dungeon. You get to carry his sex toys art to your crackhouse and then stare at it for two hours, wondering why the fuck you have it in your house. This guy also makes your "hidden blades", like those things assassins creed encyclopedia the first game.

Leonardo even pulls a successful troll, by scaring the shit out of you, when he pretends to chop your ring finger off, because the designs of those hidden dildos told him assassins creed encyclopedia.

Assassin's Creed Encyclopedia by Ubisoft Entertainment

After Altair gets on the tower he decides to fuck the living hell out of assassins creed encyclopedia chick he was chasing, assuming that's how your family started or something. Yeah, we go from Middle-Durka-Durka to fucking Guidovilleyears into the future as well.

This game is a serious mindfuck.