The late Pastor Bertrand L. Comparet coupled his legal training as an Attorney at Law, along with aptitudes in history and the sciences, plus many years of. Bertrand Lewis Comparet (January 25, - October 10, ) was a Christian Identity minister and attorney. Comparet was a Stanford law. Babylon's Money By: Bertrand Comparet. Because we people are the Children of Yahweh, we want to know what our Father's will is. Then we want to live.


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Because his own works were evil, and his brother's righteous.

Christian Identity - Wikipedia

It is amazing what happens when we read a text for context. They answered Him, We be Abraham's seed, and were bertrand comparet in bondage to any man. This was not the religion of the Old Testament ever; it was what was brought back from Babylon with the Babylonian Talmud.

Comparet quotes Rabbi Stephen S. Here is a thought: Note that in order to do away with the hybrid Nephilim bloodline God flooded the Earth so that they all drowned to death.

You find them in bertrand comparet and money lending institutions.

Bertrand L. Comparet on the Jews as Cain’s Satanic seedline-bloodline | True Freethinker

I didn't use the forbidden word Jew, I just said the children of Cain. Carroll believed that race mixing was an insult bertrand comparet God because it spoiled His racial plan of creation. According to Carroll, the mixing of races had also led to the errors of Atheism and evolutionism.

bertrand comparet

He instead believed that the flood was only local and that the Earth was billions of years old. Curse of Ham Racialismbertrand comparet race-based philosophy, is the core tenet of Christian Identity, and most CI adherents are white nationalists who support racial bertrand comparet.

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Some CI adherents believe that Jews are genetically compelled by their Satanic or Edomite ancestry to carry on a conspiracy against the Adamic seedline and that Jews have today achieved almost complete bertrand comparet of the Earth through their claim to the white race's status as God's chosen people.

It is bertrand comparet commonplace for some Christian Identity adherents to follow the Sacred Name Movement and they insist on using the original Hebrew names when referring to God Yahweh and Jesus Christ Yahshua.

Some Christian Identity writers criticize modern Bible editions as well as the Jews for their removal bertrand comparet the original Hebrew name of God from the Bible.


Although their adherence to Old Testament Mosaic law may make them appear "Jewish"; they claim that the Jewish interpretation of the law bertrand comparet been corrupted through the Jews' Talmud.

Unlike many Protestant Fundamentalists, Christian Identity adherents reject the notion of a Rapturebelieving it to be bertrand comparet Judaized doctrine which the Bible does not teach.

Cameron after the Great Bertrand comparet. InRand published the article "Digest of the Divine Law" which discussed the political and economic challenges at that time.

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An excerpt from the article states: Certain groups are already planning an economy of regimentation for our nation; but it will only intensify the suffering and want of the past and bring to our peoples all the evils that will result from such planning by a group of men who are failing to take into consideration bertrand comparet fundamental principles underlying the law of the Lord.

Identifying specific economic problems was not the only goal which Rand had in mind. He began to analyze how to make these changes bertrand comparet through legal changes; thus creating strategic plans to integrate the Bible into American law and economics.


The first goal was to denounce all bertrand comparet laws and to replace them with laws from the Bible. The second goal was to create an economic state that would reflect teachings from the bible.

Since they had access to more information, they were responsible for influencing current civil law in order to maintain Bertrand comparet standards.