Does the criminal justice system actually help victims and offenders? What does justice look like for those who have been harmed? For those who have done. Changing Lenses: A New Focus for Crime and Justice. by Howard Zehr Order from Amazon. Published: , Herald Press; ISBN , ISBN Howard Zehr demonstrates convincingly that biblical mercy is not an absurd idea but can be practically applied in our criminal justice system. This book is a.


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Zehr, H. "Changing Lenses. A New Focus for Crime and Justice"

There is actually an online discussion group talking about this very changing lenses zehr. It is the big changing lenses zehr in the field of restorative justice in education. The status quo is hard to break.

It is difficult to get those in charge to see that restorative justice measures can help. And legality issues put a lot of pressure on universities to follow existing codes for fear of being sued.


In addition, the federal government is tightening rules so that institutions will take sexual misconduct more seriously than they have changing lenses zehr the past. But what this does is move the problem into the criminal justice system, which actually narrows options, even for survivors.

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And both the victims and the prosecutors lose control of the possible outcomes. So how changing lenses zehr we change the status quo belief in punishment as a solution? How do we get the field of criminal justice to evolve beyond retribution?

One place to start is law changing lenses zehr. Currently many law schools emphasize the lawyer as zealous advocate, whose only goal is to protect their clients.

Lawyers need to be problem solvers and healers for the larger situation that caused the violence or crime.

We need to train lawyers to create conflict changing lenses zehr for their clients showing both retributive and restorative solutions and have them help their clients to understand why the restorative, non-adversarial option may be the best to use.

And how should that mission be accomplished?

Howard Zehr

I see the Zehr Institute as an umbrella for these types of activities. I see the Zehr Institute as a continuation of that — a convening space both in person and over the changing lenses zehr. Restorative Justice in Context: International Practice and Directions.

Devon, UK and Portland Oregon: Victim Offender Reconciliation Program. Criminal Changing lenses zehr Press and Willan Publishing.

Conflict Transformation staff thoughts on trauma and healing. A challenge to victim offender mediation?. Accord, a publication of Canadian Mennonite Central Committee.