Major accidents involving chemical substances have local effects, but in . Regulating the storage and destruction of household and industrial waste. - Installing. Accidents which occur when natural gas or coal dust reacts with the air. Degradation of one or more aspects in the environment by noxious industrial, chemical or biological wastes, from debris or man-made products and from mismanagement of natural and environmental resources. India has witnessed the world's worst chemical (industrial) disaster “Bhopal Gas Precautions to be taken during and after the Chemical (Industrial) Accidents.


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Technological disasters are chemical and industrial accidents disastrous occurrences that include: Accident release Occurring during the production, transportation or handling of hazardous chemical substances Explosions Disasters will only be classified as explosions when the explosions is the actual disaster.

If the explosion is the cause of another disaster, the event will be classified as the resulting disaster. Chemical explosion Violent destruction caused by explosion of combustible material, nearly always of chemical and industrial accidents origin.

Mine explosion Accidents which occur when natural gas or coal dust reacts with the air.

Chemical Disaster

Scientific technical developments have made it possible to prevent such dangers and therefore to protect people from them. The priority must be on prevention, but a positive result can chemical and industrial accidents be assured if there are strict guidelines for using and handling these products, as well as professional knowledge, both of which are indispensable in this very complex field.

Intervention and rescue measures When an accident involving chemical substances that could endanger life or the environment occurs in a chemical works or installation, those in charge of it should immediately take the following planned measures: The local or regional governing body ensures the co-ordinated use of the civil and military means required to deal with the disaster.

In the case of radioactivity, the technical co-ordination of the implementation of protective and rescue measures is assured by specialists who should be present at chemical and industrial accidents political levels and in all the intervening squads, and work in collaboration with the personnel in charge of security at the installation affected.

At the community level, the measures required will usually involve the following: In times of war, additional measures are also taken.

Turning off the water supply should this be necessary.

International Civil Defence Organisation

The special conditions governing intervention and protection in a chemical accident mean that the toxicity of the emissions and the area at risk from toxic chemical and industrial accidents must be readily determined.

This is urgent as the reaction time critical phase is extremely short. Chemical and industrial accidents exist mathematical tables, computer programmes and other tools which predict precisely how far the fumes will spread and enable the appropriate measures to be taken.


Rules of behaviour for the population 4. Efforts to prevent accidents range from improved safety systems to fundamental changes in chemical use and manufacture, referred to as primary prevention or inherent safety.

Chemical accident - Wikipedia

The EPCRA requires local emergency planning efforts throughout the country, including emergency notifications. The law also requires companies to make publicly available information about their storage of toxic chemicals.

Based on such information, citizens can identify the vulnerable zones in which severe toxic releases could cause harm or death.