“Is there any data or research that indicates when civics education is most effective? Ninth grade? Senior year of high school?” (Answer: After. Define Civic education. Civic education synonyms, Civic education pronunciation, Civic education translation, English dictionary definition of Civic education. n. In this lesson, we discuss citizenship education, what it means, what it's for, and different types of citizenship education that can be combined.


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Make a list of projects similar to the case study examples which have been conducted civic education definition your school. What civic education definition the opportunities for increasing the number of such projects in your school?

What barriers might need to be overcome to increase these opportunities? Strategies for Active Citizenship in Schools Many strategies can be used to teach students how to participate as citizens in the school community. For example, students can be involved in such activities as: Negotiating school rules and policies Participating in school and community organisations Developing skills and knowledge in school subjects Decision-making in different setting within the school Q7: At the other end of the spectrum is values clarification,[ 12 ] but this seems to be a kind of moral relativism where everything goes because nothing can be ruled out.

In values clarification there is no right or wrong value to hold.

There is no middle path that can cut a swath through imposition on one side and clarification on the other. Here students can think about and civic education definition through what different moral situations require of persons.

Even critical thinking, however, requires students to be critical about something.

That is, we must presuppose the existence, if not prior inculcation, of civic education definition values about which to be critical. What we have, then, is not a spectrum but a sequence, a developmental sequence.

UNESCO | Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future | Module 7: Citizenship education

Character education, from civic education definition perspective, begins with the inculcation in students of specific values. But at a later date character education switches to teaching and using the skills of critical thinking on the very values that have been inculcated.

This approach is in keeping with what Civic education definition Damon, an expert on innovative education and on intellectual and moral development, has observed: The process, therefore, would consist of two phases, two developmental phases. Phase One is the indoctrination phase.

Yet which values do we inculcate? Perhaps the easiest way to begin is to focus first on those behaviors that all students must possess.


Every school, in order to conduct the business of education, reinforces certain values and behaviors. Teachers demand that students sit in civic education definition seats; raise their hands before speaking; hand assignments in on time; display sportsmanship on the athletic field; be punctual when coming to class; do not cheat on their tests or homework; civic education definition from attacking one another on the playground, in the hallways, or in the classroom; be respectful of and polite to their elders e.

From the ethos come the requisite virtues—honesty, cooperation, civility, respect, and so on.

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Here the lessons are more didactic than behavioral. One point of civic education in a democracy is to raise free and equal citizens who appreciate that civic education definition have both rights and responsibilities.

Civic Education

Students need to civic education definition that they have freedoms, such as those found in Bill of Rights press, assembly, worship, and the like in the U.

But they civic education definition need to learn that they have responsibilities to their fellow citizens and to their country. This requires teaching students to obey the law; not to interfere with the rights of others; and to honor their country, its principles, and its values.