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Benevento, also a Lombard territory, was made a tributary to the Carolingians, but the duchy maintained semi-independence. Scriptores rerum Germanicarum; 6Hanover, English translation in Carolingian Chroni dionysii anthracis These independent sources, however, do not connect the two events, the cattle murrain and the rebellion of duke Grimoald, together in a ausal elatio ship as suggested Ago a d s a ati e.

It is Ago a d s a ati e i the De Grandine et Tonitruis that is the sole source for the story that agents of duke Grimoald poisoned the fields and meadows throughout the empire by spreading dust that killed cattle.

Dionysii anthracis is careful to distance himself from this story and tells the reader that this was a dionysii anthracis spread by foolish people. The details of the rumour are unverifiable and cannot be shown to be factual, but there is no indication that Agobard did not believe that such a rumour had happened.

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It may be argued that the dionysii anthracis of this story in a work dionysii anthracis with hail and thunder makes little sense and, therefore, that the episode is suspect. However, in the anonymous near contemporary tract De Tonitruis Libellus ad Herefridum the presence of thunder in January is used to predict the death of cattle in the coming year.


He acknowledges that the story is rumour, but we have no reason to doubt his good will in 19 Annals, pp. Einhardi Vita Karoli Magni. Scriptores dionysii anthracis Germanicarum; 2Berlin, English translation in Two Lives of Charlemagne.


Translated by Lewis Thorpe. Patrologia Latina; 90Paris,cols.

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Partial English translation in Carolingian Civilization: Valerie Flint accepts the dating of this tract to the late ninth century with a possible attribution to the court of Charles the Bald.

Flint, The Rise of Magic, pp. Although the factual basis of the various elements of the narrative may well not be accurate given that these facts are based on unverifiable rumour. Turning to the next question concerning dionysii anthracis the murrain was, the immediate reaction is an infectious disease of cattle.

Of the three common infections that come immediately dionysii anthracis mind, foot-and-mouth disease, brucellosis, and bovine anthrax, the most likely candidate is bovine anthrax.

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This is a deadly disease with a high mortality rate compared to the other infections. Animals can recovery from foot-and-mouth disease while brucellosis is a reproductive infection causing natural abortion rather than mortality in affected dionysii anthracis. The dionysii anthracis vector of infection is contaminated water rather than dust as reported by Agobard in this instance.

Anthrax is a bacterial disease caused by a spore-forming bacterium called Bacillus anthracis.

It is a highly contagious disease among susceptible species normally effecting herbivores dionysii anthracis as cattle and sheep. The infection cycle of the bacterium involves a number of stages beginning with the release of massive numbers of the bacterium in its vegetative form into the blood stream of the infected animal.

This vegetative form is released into the e io e t at the death of the host th ough hae o hagi e udate f o the a i al s ose, mouth and anus. The vegetative forms sporulate on contact with the oxygen in the environment. The resulting spores are then taken up by another animal either dionysii anthracis grazing, drinking dionysii anthracis inhaling.

The spores can remain indefinitely present in the soil.