Download Doutrina secrets pdf writer: Read Online Doutrina secrets pdf writer: trade secrets volume 1 pdf download[i] doutrina direito civil pdf download how . No 2 September Septiembre No 2 Extracto: Twist. Vol. 2, Page THE SECRET DOCTRINE. STANZA XI. THE CIVILIZATION . of thought — “though there is such a thing as knowledge of the Secrets of Nature. A few facts that were contained in the Berosian History are given in Part II. of Vol. .. But this was because to impart to the unprepared multitude secrets of such.


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Several of the teachings, also, have hitherto been transmitted orally: However it may be, and whatsoever is in store for the writer through malevolent criticism, one fact is quite certain.

Secrets Vol. 2 (Secrets, #2) by Ella Steele

The members of several esoteric schools—the seat of which is beyond the Himalayas, and whose ramifications may be found in China, Japan, India, Tibet, and even in Syria, besides South America—claim to have in their possession the sum total of sacred and philosophical works in MSS. It has been claimed in all ages that ever since the destruction of the Alexandrian Library see Isis Unveiled, Doutrina secrets vol ii.

It is added, moreover, by those who know, that once found, save three copies left and doutrina secrets vol ii safely away, such works were all destroyed.

In India, the last of the precious manuscripts were secured and hidden during the reign of the Emperor Akbar.

Secrets Vol. 2

Along the ridge of Altyn-Toga, whose soil no European foot has ever trodden so far, there exists a certain hamlet, lost in a deep gorge. It is a small cluster of houses, a hamlet rather than a monastery, with a poor-looking temple in it, with one old lama, a hermit, living nearby to watch it.

Pilgrims say that the subterranean galleries and halls under it contain a collection of books, the number of doutrina secrets vol ii, according to the accounts given, is too large to find room even in the British Museum.

As they the Sramana and Brahmins surpass doutrina secrets vol ii learned men in their treatises on morals, on physical and religious sciences, and reach a high degree in their knowledge of the future, in spiritual power, and human perfection, they brought proofs based on reason and testimony, and inculcated their doctrines so firmly doutrina secrets vol ii no man could now raise a doubt in his Majesty even if mountains were to crumble to dust, or the heavens were to tear asunder.


At present, hardly a few verdant oases relieve its dead solitude. One such, sprung on the sepulchre of a vast city swallowed by and buried under the sandy soil of the desert, belongs to no one, but is doutrina secrets vol ii visited by Mongolians and Buddhists.

The same tradition speaks of immense subterranean abodes, of large corridors filled with tiles and cylinders. It may be an idle rumour, and it may be an actual fact. The collective researches of the Orientalists, and especially the labours of late years of the students of comparative Philology and the Science of Doutrina secrets vol ii have led them to ascertain as follows: An immense, incalculable number of MSS.

They have disappeared without leaving the slightest trace behind them. Were they works of no importance doutrina secrets vol ii might, in the natural course of time, have been left to perish, and their very names would have been obliterated from human memory.

But it is not so; for, as now ascertained, most of them contained the true keys to works still extant, and entirely incomprehensible, for the greater portion of their readers, without those additional volumes of Commentaries and explanations.

Such are, for instance, the works of Lao-tse, the predecessor of Confucius. During the four centuries and a half doutrina secrets vol ii preceded this earliest of the commentators there was ample time to veil the true Lao-tse doctrine from all but his initiated priests.


The Japanese, among whom are now to be found the most learned of the priests and followers of Lao-tse, simply laugh at the blunders and hypotheses of the European Chinese doutrina secrets vol ii and tradition affirms that the commentaries to which our Western Sinologues have access are not the real occult records, but intentional doutrina secrets vol ii, and that the true commentaries, as well as almost all the texts, have long since disappeared from the eyes of the profane.

If one turns to the ancient literature of the Semitic religions, to the Chaldean Scriptures, the elder sister and instructress, if not the fountainhead of the Mosaic Bible, the basis and starting-point of Christianity, what do the scholars find?

To perpetuate the memory of the ancient religions of Babylon; to record the vast cycle of astronomical observations of the Chaldean Magi; to justify the tradition of their splendid and eminently occult literature, what now remains?

These, however, are almost valueless, even as a clue to the character of what has disappeared.