Extra English from BBC chanel free Audiobooks for learning English here: ?v=-9_RT-9ZQzU. Welcome to this page of links and thanks for visiting. Look below to see how you can use this page. How can I use this page? Is this your first visit here? If yes. Please find attached below a PDF version of the Powerpoint presentation shown at the Extra English Parents' Information Evening, held on Monday, November.


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For each extra english module, there is a extra english comprehension text for which Andy created original content. He was inspired by articles related to each theme, adapted to ensure an appropriate level of language for college students, as well as ensuring the use of required vocabulary words related to each theme.

Extra english questions follow each text and are answered online with immediate feedback. To help students master a theme, related grammar is also highlighted through videos with screen casts, and written information.

"jobba extra" in English

A sample of extra english modules available. Each module provides users with a host of interactive activities to help them improve their knowledge and skills.

Grammar topics are presented in two ways: Once the grammar lesson is completed, users can then complete a series of questions testing their ability to correctly implement what they have just learned. For the first time this month we are also proud to offer a Canadian Extra english Class where students can learn about the culture and history of their adopted country while sneaking in a few extra lessons.

Wir brauchen sie nicht extra aufzugreifen, weil sie hinreichend klar extra english.

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I definitely have nothing against making the climate into a separate responsibility. Und Klima extra abzubilden, da habe ich sicher nichts dagegen.


The boys are supposed to set it up and install all the programs while Bridget goes shopping. Not a problem, say extra english boys, but in reality they don't have a clue.

Extra English Lessons in Western Cape | Gumtree Classifieds South Africa

They ignore the instructions, as that's only something for girls. Will it work out? The Man Extra english