AT Fiber Testing Kit (LinkRunner AT , FTK) NetScout LRAT AT Extended Test Kit (LRAT , IntelliTone Pro). Includes LinkRunner AT tester, two LinkSprinter network testers, LinkRunner AT holster and . *IntelliTone is a registered trademark of Fluke Corporation. Fluke Networks LinkRunner AT Network Auto-Tester. Get Free Shipping when you buy now from In stock, ships same or next day.


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We invite you to request a quote from a knowledgeable Transcat representative, or look through our full selection of Fluke Networks systems.

Fluke Linkrunner AT : networking

You can also reach out fluke at 2000 Transcat representative through our Live Chat system, which is located on the right-hand side of this page, or fill out our Request a Quote form. Load the circuit to stress switches, cabling and patch panels, all while measuring the voltage and pairs being used.


The ability to validate the TruePower delivery before installing cameras, APs and phones ensures smooth deployment. The included LinkRunner Manager Software can be used fluke at 2000 configure Cable Testing and Verification Cable Tests Locate cable runs with toning, port advertisement, link blinking, and wire-mapping with up to 6 cable identifiers.

Fluke Networks LinkRunner™ AT Network Multimeter LRAT | Transcat

You can accomplish this task in two minutes or less. Just download your test reports from your DSP cable tester and save them to a new CableManager project. When you have more time, come back to CableManager and retrieve the project you saved earlier.

You can now organize and print your test reports. fluke at 2000


Viewing Your Reports CableManager allows you to view your test reports as complete Autotest reports or report summaries. Autotest reports give you the details of each fluke at 2000 your reports.

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You can see the data for all tests: Report summaries give you an overview of all your test reports. You can quickly scan the report summary and determine items such as which tests passed or failed.

Fluke at 2000 also allows you to add "totals" to your printed reports.

Fluke Networks LRAT Repair | Fluke LRAT Repair

The totaled items are length, which gives you a total length of all your printed reports, number of reports printed, and the number of passing and failing reports.

You can also fluke at 2000 a character heading that appears on the printed summaries and choose the size of the font to be used for your printouts.

CableManager allows you to print reports from the following sources: You can print using either Fast Print or Print.

Fast Print fluke at 2000 Prints complete reports without changing any print options. Print Preview - Lets you see what will be printed.