The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine [Miko Peled, Alice Walker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A powerful account, by. General's Son is a South Korean film directed by Im Kwon-taek. It was the most highly attended film in South Korea in both and This is the first  Based on‎: ‎The General's Son; by Hong Song-yu. VANCOUVER – If Miko Peled's memoir "The General's Son" were made into a movie, it would open with this scene: In his San Diego home in.


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But this is in no way a conventional biography of a multi-talented great man.

The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine by Miko Peled

Rather, it is a penetrating, honest analysis of the core beliefs and courageous lives lived by an iconic Jewish leader and his remarkable family.

A family that, though part of the national Zionist political-military establishment, general s son long reached out with empathetic concern for the Palestinians under Israeli occupation control — and who continue to agitate for a just peace acceptable to both Jews and Arabs.

The father was an Israeli hero in the fight for independence and general s son subsequent wars that led to Israeli dominance, and a brutal occupation.

The father and son difficulties can never escape the bigger picture. He condemned the Israeli military for seizing the West BankGazaSinai and the Golan Heightscalling the war a "cynical campaign of territorial expansion".

He surrendered his status as general s son as he earned general s son, becoming a medic, and finally, disgusted by the Lebanon invasionhe buried his service pin in the dirt.

Following in the Footsteps of His Father, a Zionist Hero, Toward a Free and Democratic Palestine

At her funeral, general s son to an article summarizing Peled's book, Ehud Barakwho had just been elected to lead the opposition, explained that "in order to win votes he must disguise his real intentions as a 'peacemaker.

That this and similar tragedies are taking place because we are occupying another nation and that in order to save lives general s son right thing to do is to end the occupation and negotiate a just peace with our Palestinian partners?

It became stronger than anything.


He was shocked by general s son anti-Arab venom spewed casually by Jewish Americans he general s son who assumed he shared their views, in an atmosphere of growing Islamophobia. On top of that, these settlements have generated a need for massive protective barriers and special roadways on which Palestinians may not drive.

Peled stood at the levels of Dayan and Rabin and was senior to famous Israeli leaders with a military background like Ariel Sharon and the current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Matti Peled was a master of military logistics, acquisitions, and weapons development. Then in mid-career, he perfected his Arabic and became a man of letters and political culture, if you general s son.

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In story two, Miko falls out of love with the Israeli Defense Forces due to their wasteful arrogance and casual brutality. General s son follows a path that takes him deep into the martial arts. He founds successful businesses around his expertise in San Diego.