Common name, Golden trumpet tree. Synonym, Handroanthus chrysotrichus. Other names, ›Handroanthus chrysotrichus (Mart. ex DC.) Mattos ›Tabebuia. Handroanthus chrysotrichus, synonym Tabebuia chrysotricha, commonly known as the golden trumpet tree, is a semi-evergreen/semi-deciduous tree from Brazil  ‎Growth · ‎References. Handroanthus chrysotrichus (Golden Trumpet Tree) - Beautiful medium-sized round-headed tree to 25 feet with palmately-parted olive-green leaves that have.


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Tabebuia impetiginosa Handroanthus impetiginosus UNF ipe, pink trumpet tree This is a medium-sized tree to about twenty-five feet tall. It is deciduous for a short time in spring when the large, trumpet-shaped, pink flowers appear.

Its leaflets are lightly fuzzy and have small teeth along the margins. Handroanthus chrysotrichus grows handroanthus chrysotrichus in a sunny, well-drained site with some protection from winter winds.

Handroanthus chrysotrichus - Species Page - ISB: Atlas of Florida Plants

This plant is available in handroanthus chrysotrichus Florida nurseries but is difficult to find further north. The young plant in my northern zone 9a garden has experienced three winters with lows in the upper teens in the past ten years. After a decade, this scrawny, little survivor is handroanthus chrysotrichus more than a curiosity.


A few miles south, plants at the Jacksonville Zoo and the University of North Florida have grown to tree size. They tolerate winter lows in the low to mid's F without difficulty.

They flower in late Handroanthus chrysotrichus to mid-April depending on the spring temperatures. Medium Water Needs Winter Hardiness: Spectacular mid-spring 3 to handroanthus chrysotrichus inch long golden yellow trumpet flowers appear while trees are leafless or just emerging handroanthus chrysotrichus the spring.


S3 - Typically 21 to occurrences, limited acreage, or handroanthus chrysotrichus of stream in the state. S4 - Apparently secure in the state.

S5 - Demonstrably secure in the state.

Handroanthus chrysotrichus - Useful Tropical Plants

SE - State exotic or non-native. SH - Historically known from the state, but not seen handroanthus chrysotrichus the past 15 years. SNA - Species for which a rank is not applicable.

This handroanthus chrysotrichus mainly those species which are now excluded from flora for various reasons. SNR - Not yet ranked.

Handroanthus chrysotrichus

SX - Apparently extirpated from the state. Global Rank Each species' global rank is determined by NatureServe. These ranks carry no legal weight. The global rank reflects the species worldwide rarity. G1 - Critically imperiled globally because of extreme rarity 5 or fewer occurrencesor very few remaining acres, or miles handroanthus chrysotrichus stream or especially vulnerable to extinction because of some factor of its biology.

handroanthus chrysotrichus

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