Arthur Honegger: Rugby (Mouvement symphonique No.2), H - Play streams in full or download MP3 from Classical Archives , the. HONEGGER: Symphony No. 3, 'Liturgique' / Pacific / Rugby by Arthur Honegger. Listen to classical music CDs online. Honegger: Rugby Program Notes Oct 18 - Oct 21 Size: Names: Honegger, Arthur. Subjects: Honegger: Rugby; Program notes. ID:


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A fast triplet figure honegger rugby numerous times until the trombone enters with a fragment of the "sport" motive. This theme, as it were, takes a while to honegger rugby more fully; like a ball being passed about, it restlessly moves from one instrumental grouping to another.

A more lyrical line emerges from the violins, but is soon swept away in a flurry of activity. A honegger rugby section features the bassoons and basses. I find it more spontaneous, more direct and closer to nature than football, which honegger rugby a more scientific game.

HONEGGER: Symphony No. 3, 'Liturgique' / Pacific / Rugby -

I am aware of a carefully controlled rhythm in football and for me the savage, brusque, untied and desperate rhythm of rugby is more attractive.

It would be wrong to consider my piece as program music. They lived apart for the duration of their marriage, with the exceptions of one year from to following Vaurabourg's injury in a car accident, and the last year of Honegger's honegger rugby, when he was not well enough to live alone.

They had one daughter, Pascale, born in Honegger also had a son, Jean-Claude —with the singer Claire Croiza. In the early s, Honegger shot to fame honegger rugby his "dramatic psalm" Le Roi David King Davidwhich is still in the choral repertoire. He composed nine ballets and three vocal stage works, amongst other works.

Rugby, H (Mouvement symphonique no.2) | Arthur Honegger – Daniels' Orchestral Music Online

In addition to his pieces written alone, he collaborated with Jacques Ibert on both an opera, L'Aiglonand an operetta. Honegger always remained in touch with Switzerland, his parents' country of origin, until the outbreak of the war and the invasion of the Nazis made it impossible for him to leave Paris.

He joined the French Honegger rugby and was generally unaffected by the Nazis themselves, who allowed him honegger rugby continue his work without too much interference.