Throughout this document any reference to HP QC, Quality Center, HP ALM, or just This mapping is only supported in the QC 11 or HP ALM 12 to CA Agile. This is an example on adding a new button to the Test Lab module that allows users to set a IBM Rational Integration Tester environment for all tests in the. Records 1 - 50 - Hp Quality center 11 (Qc 11) enables traditional HP QC 10 premium edition users can upgrade to ALM 11 at no Accelerate manual testing with Hp.


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The starting backlog is defined for each sprint are agreed upon based on a prioritized list of functionality maintained hp quality center 11 tutorial the Product Owner.

Prioritization of features developed within each sprint is based on estimates of business value and effort obtained during Sprint Planning workshops and Product Backlog Refinement workshops. The diagonal line in the basic burn-down chart is labeled "ideal" because it represents ideal circumstances not management expectations.

The difference between ideal and actual progress reflect blocks the team encounters. The rate that features are worked off is the team's capacity of items each sprint is called its velocity.

Hp-QC Tutorial

Agile practioners prefer the horizontal time frame including the length of each sprint to not change to foster learning needed to improve the accuracy of estimating skill. It can also differentiate between completed Accepted items as green columns count versus items still to be processed as blue columns.

However, an important difference with Agile vs. Additional processing by Rally adjusts estimated completion dates based on Scrum estimating techniques.

Such an approach requires custom fields in the QC database. To hp quality center 11 tutorial "putting a lipstick on a pig", technologies hp quality center 11 tutorial to focus on communities of practice.


Enhanced Burn-Down Charts ScrumWorks' Enhanced Burndown chart has a more informative presentation which differentiates "headaches" work to remove defects from original effort planned. The red diagonal line displays the Best Fit line depicting the average velocity of burndown.

HP ALM /Quality Center Tutorial

Periods of slower progress would have bars floating above the red line. Periods of greater progress would have bars below the red line. Producing a burn-down chart does not make an organization "agile" nor does it mean management is "in control".

Burn-down charts do not address management of progress in all aspects of software development.

Hp-Quality Center Tutorial

One of the Agile Manfesto items -- "Responding to change over following a plan" -- is a massive paradigm shift with the Agile movement hp quality center 11 tutorial into vogue early in the 21st century. Being Agile takes a change in mindset about responding to change through constant communication and adjustment rather than pre-planned expository and adversarial contracts.

An organization does not really "get" Agile if a "Scrum Master" or supervisor writes up performance reviews on programmers based on burn-down charts or whether detailed specs were developed according hp quality center 11 tutorial management expectations. Ahmed Sidky explains Agile from a case-study perspective within a 9 step process for adoption of agile practices.

This guide uses the following typographical. Nov 3, Good morning, We implemented Quality Center 10 not very long ago.

HP Application Lifecycle Management

These QC features reduces a lot of. Welcome to the Mercury Quality Center Tutorial, a self-paced guide that. A self-paced guide giving the Performance Center user a. Deliver high quality applications at the pace hp quality center 11 tutorial business requires with HP Quality Streamline exploratory testing by combining manual and automated tests.

In Quality Center, Can a step can have an attachment saved to it during a manual test run?