All links I found are obsolete -- in my Creative Cloud I can only see apps and some , but NOT InDesign CC , the app i gn CC - still possible to download. A summary of the new features in Adobe InDesign CC But now in InDesign CC it's much easier to move columns and rows where you want them, by simply selecting, dragging, and dropping.


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Simply create Color Groups from the Swatches panel through the new Color Group icon or from the flyout and context menu.


You can also share the color groups with another application using Adobe Swatch Exchange. For example, load color swatches from another project in Illustrator.

New features and enhancements in InDesign CC

Create and manage color swatches with color groups For details, see Applying color. Enhanced search - Find Previous In indesign cc 2014 InDesign versions, users could only search in forward direction.

It meant that if you skipped over an item too fast and wanted to go back, the only way was to complete the find operation and start over again. This workflow has been improved now.

As search forward is enabled by default, you can switch to Backward to reverse the flow of indesign cc 2014 search. Behance integration Showcase and discover creative work on Behance.

As a member, you can create a portfolio of your work and broadcast it widely and efficiently.

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Or, explore the latest creative work on indesign cc 2014 global scale by browsing featured or popular work across fields.

You can upload spreads as work-in-progress to Behance directly from within InDesign.


Spreads are converted to images and shared indesign cc 2014 Behance for review and feedback. At a time, you can upload only one spread from InDesign. To share a complete document, you can share as many times as the number of spreads in the document.

Easier search When you search a long document, you quickly get indesign cc 2014 a rhythm of clicking 'Find Next' and it's easy to click past the one you want, which means you have to go back to the top of the document and start again.

Where can I download InDesign CC ? | Adobe Community

But in InDesign CCyou don't. You can choose 'Find Previous' and go back one. EPub Fixed layout When making an ebook, you can now export to EPub Fixed Layout Previously when you exported an EPub file created in InDesign, the pages would reflow for different devices and for reader preferences, such as text size.

But while that was useful indesign cc 2014 a text-heavy or text-only ebook, it wasn't so great for designers indesign cc 2014 spent days creating ebooks featuring a lot of images or which required a stylised layout. The EPUB3 fixed-layout format also supports live text, audio, video, and other interactive elements.

This product may integrate with or allow access to certain Adobe or third-party hosted online services. Applications and Services may not be available in all countries or indesign cc 2014 and may be subject to change or discontinuation without notice.

The top 5 new features in InDesign CC | Creative Bloq

Additional fees or membership charges may apply. Indesign cc 2014 issues Visit http: InDesign stops responding if the user clicks Manage Creative Cloud account without first syncing settings after 24 hours since InDesign has been running.

InDesign stops responding on dragging any facing pages master to beside None master in Pages panel.