Dyspepsia: organic versus functional. Oustamanolakis P(1), Tack J. Author information: (1)Department of Pathophysiology, Translational Research Center for  Missing: fungsional ‎| ‎Must include: ‎fungsional. Peran selenium sebagai antioksidan pada dyspepsia fungsional anak. Journal Of Medical School. User. Username. Password. Remember me. Notifications. Acta Interna The Journal of Internal Medicine Vol. Kata kunci: gangguan gastrointestinal fungsional, dyspepsia fungsional, nyeri anorektal.


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  • Dyspepsia: organic versus functional.
  • Evaluation and management of dyspepsia

Antroduodenal manometry can be used for the assessment of the myoelectrical activity of the stomach, whereas sensory function can be evaluated with the barostat, tensostat, and satiety test.

Management of FD includes general measures, acid-suppressive drugs, eradication jurnal dyspepsia fungsional H.

Dyspepsia: organic versus functional.

This review presents an update on the diagnosis of patients presenting with dyspepsia, with an emphasis jurnal dyspepsia fungsional the pathophysiological and pathogenetic mechanisms of FD and the differential diagnosis with organic causes of dyspepsia.

Early satiation that prevents finishing a regular meal, at least several times per week jurnal dyspepsia fungsional. The pain is intermittent AND 3.

Not generalized or localized to other abdominal or chest regions AND 4. Not relieved by defecation or passage of flatus AND 5.

Evaluation and management of dyspepsia

Not fulfilling criteria for gallbladder and sphincter of Oddi disorders Supportive criteria 1. Upper abdominal bloating, postprandial nausea or excessive belching can be present 1. The pain may be of a burning quality jurnal dyspepsia fungsional without a retrosternal component 2.

Epigastric Pain Syndrome may coexist 2. The pain is jurnal dyspepsia fungsional induced or relieved jurnal dyspepsia fungsional ingestion of a meal but may occur while fasting 3.

Postprandial distress syndrome may coexist Open in a separate window Several pathophysiologic mechanisms can underlie functional dyspeptic symptoms including: Research is needed to better characterize these heterogeneous abnormalities, allowing for mechanism specific diagnostic studies and directed treatment.

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Other While gastric or esophageal cancer is an unusual finding in patients with dyspepsia, excluding malignancy is a common reason given for jurnal dyspepsia fungsional endoscopy [ Lieberman et al.

Biliary or pancreatic pain can usually be distinguished by history since it is more severe, unpredictable, jurnal dyspepsia fungsional localized to the right upper quadrant RUQ or radiates to the shoulder or back, and may last from hours to days [ Ceyhan et al.


Bacterial overgrowth is an under-recognized cause of abdominal pain, but is usually associated with diarrhea, diffuse cramping pain jurnal dyspepsia fungsional bloating in combination with some predisposing factor prior abdominal surgery, diabetes, etc.

Celiac disease and lactose intolerance are other less likely causes of dyspepsia but should be considered in the appropriate clinical setting [ Giangreco et al. Clinical evaluation and management As with any subacute or jurnal dyspepsia fungsional illness, the initial evaluation of a patient with dyspepsia begins with a thorough history and physical examination.

Directed questioning for the presence of alarm symptoms e. Regardless, an upper endoscopy is recommended for all patients with alarm symptoms [ Tack et al.

Experts also recommend endoscopic evaluation for new onset dyspepsia in people over age 50 [ Tack et al. Age specific thresholds to trigger endoscopic evaluation may differ by sex and locality given gender and regional jurnal dyspepsia fungsional specific risks [ Marmo et al.

Special attention should be given to a thorough medication review since patients often do not inform their physicians of over-the-counter medication or herbal medicine use. There was greater Helicobacter pylori activity in the jurnal dyspepsia fungsional with psychological stress compared to those in the non-stress group since there was antigen-antibody reaction invading the submucosa.