Vjerica Radeta: Korupcija u Srbiji je zauzela sve pore društva! Radikali u Skupštini. Loading. Korupcija kao problem na putu pristupanja EU i pristupanje kao podsticaj za suzbijanje korupcije u Srbiji [Corruption as a Problem in the EU Accession Process. Evropska unija je veoma zabrinuta zbog visokog nivoa korupcije u BiH. Analitičari upozoravaju kako će korupcije biti sve dotle dok država ne.


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Citizens were thus deprived of information about why korupcija u srbiji Ministry korupcija u srbiji Justice, among several possibilities, defined… The draft of the Law on Prevention of Corruption does not solve the essential problems Transparency - Serbia a chapter of Transparency International estimates that the new draft of the Law on Prevention of Corruption, which should replace the current Anti-Corruption Agency Law, is worse than the one published 22 months ago.


In order to solve the problems that led to changes in this law… Lobbying in parliament Law proposal that is sent to deputies will not solve some of the key problems, although it is good that it will finally be passed, and there are also korupcija u srbiji good rules. Although lively public debate was organized on the draft law, the explanation of the law does not include… Endangering the survival of the media through the imaginary collection of tax arrears As reported by Internet portal Southern News from Nis, the Ministry of Finance has initiated the procedure of forced debt recovery for alleged tax liabilities, which threatens the survival of this media.

At the same… Monitoring proves the necessity to improve the regulations Monitoring of city elections in Belgrade, which was conducted by Transparency Serbia, related to the official's campaign, its reflection korupcija u srbiji the media, financing from budget, advertising in the media and work of state bodies, proves the necessity of improvement the regulations and greater activities of state bodies in the control… CPI Serbia is still considered as the country where the level of corruption is high, as the score is under 50 out of possible … Serbia has fallen in the openness of the budget The international survey Open Budged Index OPI ranked Serbia on 62th korupcija u srbiji among countries.


That result shows korupcija u srbiji we are country in which budget documents are not enough open and comprehensive. Pass upon published… The work of Anti-Corruption Agency could be blocked Programme Director of Transparency Serbia Nemanja Nenadic said for Insajder that it is trued that the Board of Anti-Corruption Agency could not disqualify Dragan Sikimic as a candidate korupcija u srbiji the Director of Agency, but that in practise it is easy to imagine numerous situations and decisions on many issues in… Potential political connection of the Director of Agency Transparency Serbia calls on the Board of Agency to examine the information about the possible political connection of the newly elected Director of the Agency and to inform the public about its findings.


Namely, it is necessary to investigate the information that the newly elected director of the Anti-Corruption Agency Dragan… Fir tree korupcija u srbiji symbol of public procurrements in Belgrade In his statements and actions the Mayor of Belgrade, who announced termination of the contract and the only bidder who give off it to collect and pounds for the service and goods used to be valued EUR The report does not specify whether the Minister was in an official or a party vehicle.

In addition, Nikolic's graces to the progressives fits with… On the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day: Another missed year Transparency Serbia, on the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day, estimates that Serbia did not use to substantially improve regulations, strengthen institutions and punish the responsible ones for corruption.

The Law on the ACA was the first to prescribe misdemeanor fines for violating the provisions of this law; thus failure to report and giving false information on property were to be punished by imprisonment and a ten-year ban on holding public office, if the korupcija u srbiji official in question were sentenced to prison.

The ACA was established as an institution with a strong preventive role that had been lacking in any authority which had theretofore dealt with corruption. Its main objective is improving the situation regarding this area, in cooperation with other public authorities, the civil sector, the media, and the public in general.

BiH iscprljena korupcijom

Among other things, the ACA is authorized in this preventive sense to work on development of integrity plans for, and in cooperation with, state authorities.

These plans — an korupcija u srbiji in our legal system — are aimed at reducing and eliminating risks of the emergence and development of corruption.

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The ACA was also given competence to oversee the financing of political parties. However, due to deficiencies of the Law on Financing Political Parties that were revealed in practice, the drafting of a new Law was korupcija u srbiji it is due to enter parliamentary procedure by the end of