IITs Name of the Organisation Website 1 Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Gandhi Nagar 2 Indian Institute of. Studyguideindia - List of IIT Colleges in India, Top IIT Colleges, best Colleges in India, IIT Colleges State Wise, City Wise, IIT Colleges in India, IIT courses details. The IIT or Indian Institutes of Technology colleges in India are among the top engineering colleges in the world.


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Unlike many western universities that have an elected senate, the IITs have an academic senate. It controls and approves the curriculum, courses, examinations and results, and appoints committees to look into specific academic matters. The teaching, training and research activities of the institute are periodically reviewed by the senate to list of iits in india educational standards.

The total marks usually out of form the basis of gradeswith a grade value out of list of iits in india assigned to a range of marks. Sometimes, relative grading is done considering the overall performance of the whole class.


For each semester, the students are graded on a scale of list of iits in india to 10 based on their performance, by taking a weighted average of the grade points from all the courses, with their respective credit points. Each semester evaluation is done independently and then the weighted average over all semesters is used to calculate the cumulative grade point average known as CGPA or CPI—Cumulative Performance Index.

Undergraduate education[ edit ] The Bachelor of Technology BTech degree is the most common undergraduate degree in the IITs in terms of student enrollment,[ citation needed ] although dual degrees integrating Master of Science or Master of Arts are also offered.

The BTech course is based on a 4-year program with eight semesters, [39] while the Dual Degree and Integrated courses are 5-year programs with ten semesters. In all IITs, the first year of BTech and Dual Degree courses are marked by a common course structure for all the students, though in some IITs, a single department introduction related course is also included.

At the end of first year the end of first semester at IIT Madras, IIT Hyderabad and IIT Roorkeean option list of iits in india change departments is given to meritorious students on the basis of their performance in list of iits in india first two semesters.

From the second year onwards, the students study subjects exclusively from their respective departments. Separate compulsory courses from humanities and social sciences department, and sometimes management courses are also enforced.

List of All IITs in India- Indian Institute of Technology

Some of the IITs offer an M. Several IITs have schools of management offering master's degrees in management or business administration. It integrates undergraduate and postgraduate studies in selected areas of specialisation.


It is completed in five years [45] as against six years in conventional BTech four years followed by an MTech two years. These programs were started to allow IITians to complete postgraduate studies from IIT rather than having to go to another institute.

In it, the candidates are given a topic of academic interest by the professor or have to work on a consultancy project given list of iits in india the industries.

IIT Colleges in India, Indian Institutes of Technology colleges in India

The duration of the program is usually unspecified and depends on the specific discipline. PhD candidates have to submit a dissertation as well as provide list of iits in india oral defence for their thesis. The students live in hostels sometimes referred to as halls throughout their stay in the IIT.

Usually the hostels also have their own sports grounds. Most of them are organised in the months of January or March. Techfest IIT Bombay is also one of the most popular and largest technical festival in Asia in terms of participants and prize money involved.

Shaastra holds the list of iits in india of being the first student-managed event in the world to implement a formal Quality Management Systemearning ISO Tech courses that List of iits in india offer. Since the next admission is in progress and JoSAA counselling will commence soon, we thought that we will provide you a list of top engineering colleges in India here so that you can perform well in the upcoming engineering entrance exams and get an admission in the college of your choice.

Every year, thousands of candidates apply for the limited seats but only the best out of the lot get to live their dream of being a part of such prestigious institutions.

It is mandatory to qualify in both the exams to compete for seats and specialisation preferences which is conducted by the Joint Seat Allocation Authority JoSAA. Which are the Best Engineering Courses in India? A total of 23 IITs in the country offer a variety of courses ranging from the B.