“Agreement” means these Standard Terms and Conditions – Term Loan and the letter to which they are attached as the same may be amended from time to time. Terms and Conditions: Gold Loans. The tenor of the loan can be selected from 3/6/9 and 12 months. The rate of interest on your loan is fixed rate of interest and. in the loan agreement and the present General Terms and Conditions. Any expenses for establishment/registration/erasure of collateral under the loan relations.


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Terms of Use | Fellow Finance

There are special legal requirements concerning Investors in some states. It is your duty to make sure that loan terms and conditions requirements are fulfilled.

Fellow Finance or the Loan terms and conditions or Person may request the Investor to provide proof that support the fulfilment of legal requirements. However, Fellow Finance has no obligation to do so or check that the requirements are fulfilled.

The Service does not provide investment guidance or recommendations for approving any particular loan applications. You understand that making an investment through the Service constitutes a binding legal agreement.

Loan terms and conditions

You make the investment and financing decision at your own discretion and are solely responsible for the decision you have made.

Fellow Finance Oyj — crowdfunding and peer-to-peer-lending service www. Fellow Finance is a public limited loan terms and conditions founded in accordance with Finnish legislation. Its head office is situated at the address Pursimiehenkatu 4 A, Helsinki. Fellow Finance offers the mediation of peer-to-peer loans and loan-based crowdfunding for companies through its web service.

Terms and Conditions of ICICI Bank Ltd

Fellow Finance does not offer the investment services denoted in the Act on Investment Services. Unless expressly agreed in writing with Fellow Finance, these terms are always included in the agreement You have concluded with Fellow Finance.

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The Service Terms applied to the Services can be read either within the Service or in connection with using the Service. It is important that You read them carefully.

Approval of Terms You must first accept the Terms in order to use the Service. You cannot use the Services unless You accept the Terms.


In this case, You understand and accept that Fellow Finance considers Your use of the Services as acceptance of the Terms loan terms and conditions the moment You start using them.

You cannot use the Services or accept the Terms if a You do not have legal capacity to conclude binding agreements with Fellow Finance or b You are prevented under Loan terms and conditions law, or under the laws of other countries, including the country the inhabitant or citizen of which You are and the country from which You use the Services, from receiving the Services.


Before You continue, we recommend that You print and save a copy of the General Terms and Conditions for archiving. Customership Account You can use the web service without creating a Customership Account. However, You must create a Customership Account so that You can: You can create a Customership Account in the Service by submitting the requested information.

Due to legislation, You must answer questions about Your investment assets, their origins and customer identification when creating the Customership Loan terms and conditions. In order to use the Customership Account, You must first identify yourself electronically or by some other means we may require and loan terms and conditions the terms of the Service.

Loan terms and conditions

You are loan terms and conditions responsible for ensuring that the information You have submitted is up-to-date, correct and complete. You undertake to update any changes in Your information in our Service. Sometimes these companies offer Services to You on behalf of Fellow Finance.

You understand and accept that the Subsidiaries and Affiliates are entitled to offer Services to You.