Lost Odyssey (Xbox ) Seed Guide Written by: Ari Margo (GameFAQs: Kythlyn) The guide is divided by Disc Number and by sets of 20 Seeds, which is the. For Lost Odyssey on the Xbox , GameFAQs has 20 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs).‎FAQ/Walkthrough · ‎Lost Odyssey for Xbox · ‎Cheats · ‎Reviews. Lost Odyssey: Prima Official Game Guide (Prima Official Game Guides) [Kaizen Media Group] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.


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Run back up and pull the top box as far as you can. It's okay if you get caught after you have moved the box, its position will not reset. Now do the opposite, talk to the bottom guard, lost odyssey guide up and talk to the top guard.

They will again start pacing away lost odyssey guide their posts. Run back down and push the second box as far as you can. This should leave enough room for you to get by and down the ladder.


FAQ37 How do I get lost odyssey guide the back room? There is a girl at "Numara - White Square" with pointy lost odyssey guide. Play with her just run up and talk to her when she runs away. She will then appear again at "Numara - Main Street" and again want to play. Agree and you will find her in the now unlocked back room of "Nalia's Item Shop".

Lost Odyssey Wiki Guide

At a certain point on Disc 2, parts of "Numara - Main Street" will become inaccessible, however these lost odyssey guide will become available again on Disc 4.

FAQ43 I can't find the 2nd lift! Make sure you're in "Crimson Forest - Maze of Gloom" and make your way lost odyssey guide the top right corner of the area. From there, head west and follow the wall up to the 2nd lift.

Ride the lift and follow the path and you should be able to find the seed. Sail southeast from the Port - "Eastern Coast of Sama" and stay to the right of the hypercurrents the white water on the map. Eventually you will reach a continent as you head further south.

Lost Odyssey FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for Xbox - GameFAQs

At the north end of that continent, you will see a U shaped land mass. Submerge in the mouth of the U and continue south until you reach the Port lost odyssey guide the entrance to "The Great Ancient Ruins".

FAQ89 How I get to the secret cave? Go to Gongora's Mansion in Uhra, go through the left door in the left corridor and break the seal. FAQ90 How do Lost odyssey guide get through the hypercurrents to reach this area?

From Port "Western Shore of Uhra", navigate the White Boa north and then east from the port, and then south and lost odyssey guide the ice so that you are in the center lake of the northern continent. Launch the Nautilus and head southeast.

Lost Odyssey Walkthrough

You will soon see a small river heading south. Follow that river underwater and when you reach the end of it, go up to the surface and land.

From Port "Eastern Coast of Saman", steer the White Boa northeast until you reach the very top right corner of the map. Approach the weak ice from the north and land.