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Abductions were conducted by The Greys, sometimes at the direction of The Illuminati.

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The Greys abducted people because they were engaged in hybrid reproduction experiments. The Greys do not have souls — they are a negative thought form created by the Annunaki — marxismo para principiantes they were trying to find a way to continue existing.

They even approached Mother and Father God at one point to ask if they could be given souls. The Greys also engaged in cattle mutilations for a time because marxismo para principiantes were looking for food.

The Greys, like The Cabal, really have no power any longer and should not be feared.


Ascension — December 21, Humanity passed through the portal and some people ascended to a higher level of consciousness but most of Marxismo para principiantes did not. However, Humanity did move into 5D frequencies, marxismo para principiantes we are now all living with and integrating.

Some people are choosing, on a higher level, to not move into 5D and they will shift they will experience a physical death.

That is their choice and we do not judge them or try to convince them of anything. Their body holograms will expire and their souls — their True Marxismo para principiantes — will return to Source and then reside on the starships in our atmosphere until we complete our mission here.


They will help us from the starships. In December ofwe received a two-year extension to complete marxismo para principiantes mission because it was clear that Humanity as a collective was not ready to ascend.

Some of these events have occurred, just not in the way most of us envisioned them.

This is a good example of why it is helpful to have no expectations. Energy, which creates all the changes we are going through, does not work the way most things work in 3D. It does not follow rules and timetables or try to marxismo para principiantes deadlines. For example, we know that the cabal is finished.

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The remaining cabal minions are in the process of surrendering. Working together, Beings both off and on the planet have ensured that they are on the way out. If you have been following The Press, you are familiar with some of the things our own staffers have accomplished, like severing the marxismo para principiantes cords of formerly powerful people at the Vatican, the Pentagon, and Buckingham Palace, so they can no longer feed off our energy.

Marxismo para principiantes you are seeing now is the last desperate attempts of remaining cabal members to hang on.


Again, this is an illusion. Because so many people are clinging to the illusion, it will not disappear in the blink of an eye.


Reliable reports indicate that the new economic system is in place and will be enacted soon. The same is true for marxismo para principiantes other things we have been waiting for — disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence starships and disclosure of our true history, etc.