After going through this lesson you would be in a position to. ○ explain the basic features of MS Excel. ○ set pages and their printing. ○ modify a worksheet. ○. Learn the basics of using Microsoft Excel, including the anatomy of a spreadsheet, how to enter data, how to. This section explains the basics of Excel. It is good to know the basic terminology explained in this section before you start using Excel.


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There are 5 important areas in the screen. This is a place ms excel basics all the important tools can be placed. When you start Excel for the very first time, it has only 3 icons Save, Undo, Redo.

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But ms excel basics can add any feature of Excel to to Quick Access Toolbar so that you can easily access it from anywhere hence the name. Ribbon is like an expanded menu.

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It depicts all the features of Excel in easy to understand form. Since Excel has s of features, they are grouped in to several ribbons.

A Workbook is the top level object in Excel. It contains Worksheets, which hold all the actual data that you will be working with. A workbook starts ms excel basics with three worksheets, but you can add or delete worksheets at any time as long as there is at ms excel basics one worksheet in a given workbook.

Now depending on the version of Excel you are using, the following screen may look completely different.

Microsoft has changed the interface wildly from Office to to and finally in Office just makes the look more clean, but the overall layout is still the same.

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Across the top, you have the Excel ribbon with multiple tabs and also a bunch of little icons ms excel basics the top in the Quick Access Toolbar.

These little icons let you perform very common Excel functions like adding or deleting rows in the worksheet or freezing panes, etc. If you want to customize the ribbon interface, i.


By default, it shows you the popular commands, but you can click on the dropdown to see all the possible options for different tabs.

Also, one option I really like is choosing Commands Not in the Ribbon from the dropdown. ms excel basics

This is ms excel basics default number that every Excel workbook starts off with. This is where you ms excel basics perform many common tasks such as opening a workbook, creating a new one, printing and more. Getting Started with Excel The best way to learn anything is to actually do something useful and Excel is the best example of this!

Sounds like a simple problem and it is once you get the formula in your head!

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In Excel, the columns are labeled starting from A and continuing to Z and beyond. A cell is simply a particular row number and column, i. A1 ms excel basics the very first cell in an Excel worksheet. The grid is now nicely centered with all the data directly underneath the headings.


The Quick Analysis tool available in Ms excel basics and Excel only recommends the right chart for your data and gives you a visual presentation in just a few clicks. Select the cells that contain the data you want to show in a chart.

Click the Quick Analysis button in the bottom-right corner of the selection. Click the Charts tab, move across the recommended charts to see which one looks best for your data, and then click the one ms excel basics you want.