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Want to run a acoustic guitar or piano or vocal mic into a Leslie speaker?


Feed your mic into the Keymaster, and the Keymaster's output into the Leslie preamp of your choice. I used it with a Speakeasy preamp and our Leslie with great results.

Use one loop to patch in your studio's rack effects or your computer based amp sim program's effects, and the other loop for pigtronix keymaster pedals. Blend or pigtronix keymaster between them at will.

Feed one send out to your guitar ampand the pigtronix keymaster to your computer so you can record direct - with or without an amp sim plugin while recording an amp at the same time.


Really - it's okay to mix both together. You can get some really cool new tones that way, and I won't tell anyone how you did it pigtronix keymaster promise. This sort of setup pigtronix keymaster allows the player to "monitor" the live amp and interact pigtronix keymaster it, which is much more comfortable for them than listening to only a dry DI signal or dealing with an amp sim plugin's latency.

Dial up two completely different tones by using different combinations of effects pedals in each pigtronix keymaster, and then blend or switch between them at will. This allows you to "morph" from one sound to another, or to make new "hybrid" tones.

Want to blend the pigtronix keymaster of an overdrive AND a fuzz pedal together?

The Keymaster allows you to do so, and to have complete control over the ratio of each. Do you like the sound of your true bypass analog delay, but sometimes wish it had "trails" when bypassed? You know; so the echoes wouldn't just instantly "cut off" when you hit the switch?

Put the delay into one of the loops, bypass the second loop and use the Keymaster and an expression pedal to blend between the delayed and the dry signal. Instant expression pedal mix control, even for pedals that don't normally have one.

Now YOU can control the trails and the speed of the transition from effected to uneffected sounds at will - no more abruptly cut off delay repeats. Do you have a pedal with an annoying level drop when it's engaged?

Pigtronix keymaster it into one of the Keymaster's loops and use the Out Boost control to give your signal the needed boost to bring it up to unity level - or even beyond. Want to use guitar pedals or rack effects with your on-stage vocals?

pigtronix keymaster

Pigtronix Keymaster review | MusicRadar

Feed a mic into the Keymaster, run your effects in one of the loops, put it in parallel mode and use an expression pedal to blend the effects in with your mic signal at pigtronix keymaster. Send the signal out to the pigtronix keymaster with the Keymaster's XLR output jack. Now you're no longer at their mercy in terms of remembering to add the dramatic delay effects to the key lines of the song… you can do it yourself!

This same setup can be used to add effects to a horn player's rig too. pigtronix keymaster

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Use the Keymaster as a direct box when tracking… …and then use it as a reamping device pigtronix keymaster send your pigtronix keymaster recorded signal back to an amplifier later to re-record it. You can also use the loops at the same time.

This allows you to experiment with different guitar and effects tones later after you've recorded the actual performance.

Want to use a fuzz pedal pigtronix keymaster your drum tracks? The Keymaster will let you run a line output from your recording interface into a single or series of effects stompboxes, then send the output back into a new track on your recorder to capture the mayhem to disk - or, if you prefer, you can do it in "real time" - live or in the pigtronix keymaster, and send it back to an aux input channel on your mixing console.