Robert Hart began his adventures in forest gardening as a plain old back-to-the-lander like us. He had a twenty acre farm in England, most of. Most forest gardeners are familiar with Robert Hart and his garden either through his book "Forest Gardening" or the short documentary about. Robert Hart's original forest garden in Shropshire continues to hold a fascination for a wide number of people. Hart's description of the garden in his books and.


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Thus Hart left Reuters to work as a military policeman, and then in the intelligence service, breaking codes.

Robert hart forest garden, he became a dairy farmer in Norfolk and Somerset, before making his final home on a smallholding at Wenlock Edge, Shropshire. He worked out his distinctive approach robert hart forest garden horticulture in his own garden, and published the results in Forest Gardening and Beyond The Forest Garden The wealth, abundance and diversity of the forest garden provides for all human needs - physical needs through foods, materials and exercise, as well as medicines and spiritual needs through beauty and the connection with the whole.

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Give your chickens an automatic chicken waterer. This post is part of our Robert Hart's Forest Gardening lunchtime series. Read all of the entries: March 7 was the pioneer of forest gardening in the UK.


Below ground, for example, there are all sorts of root interactions taking place that help the plants to grow. One of the best known of these is the robert hart forest garden that certain plants especially peas and beans have a symbiotic relationship with soil bacteria that actually enriches the soil with nitrogen drawn out of the atmosphere.

There are many other activities taking place that also help to increase soil fertility and therefore the overall productivity of the land. This same symbiosis is robert hart forest garden place on all levels.

Robert Hart's Forest Garden

We see the bee visiting flowers and taking away nectar and pollen. That same bee is also fertilizing the flowers so that the fruit and seed are produced.

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  • Robert Hart's forest garden

A bird eats the fruit, flies away and later defecates an unharmed seed that will grow into a new tree. Once again, everything gains.

Robert Hart (horticulturist) - Wikipedia

Humans can also become part of this symbiosis, become a part robert hart forest garden the cycle of life rather than always trying to dominate, to control. It is this desire to dominate that has actually driven us out of control and has created the environmental problems that are so acute today.

The forest garden is a practical way in which humans can once more learn to work in harmony with nature. It robert hart forest garden a very healing garden for, not only does it heal the gardener, it also helps to heal the planet and re-integrate us with the rhythms of nature.

Just being in the garden is a wonderful, peaceful and healing experience.


After demobilisation, he was a dairy farmer in Norfolk and Somerset before moving to Shropshire where he took robert hart forest garden a smallholding on Wenlock Edge.

His intention was to provide a healthy and therapeutic environment for himself and his brother Lacon, who was born with severe learning disabilities.

Hart though soon discovered that maintaining large annual vegetable beds, rearing livestock and taking robert hart forest garden of an orchard were tasks beyond his strength.

However, he also observed that a small bed of perennial vegetables and herbs he had planted was looking after itself with little or no intervention.