Rousas John "R. J." Rushdoony (April 25, – February 8, ) was a Calvinist philosopher, historian, and theologian and is widely credited as the father of  ‎Quotes · ‎Audio lectures · ‎Writings. In their struggle to understand George W. Bush, some liberal intellectuals have looked to the writings of Rousas John Rushdoony, the. Y. K. and Rose Rushdoony (pregnant with Rousas) make it to Russia and are able to get steamship passage from Archangel to Ellis Island, New York City.


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The next fifteen years would see him frequently travel throughout the country for this purpose.

Wrote Chalcedon Position Paper No. It was later forced by the state to cease operations because it did not have authority from the state of California rousas rushdoony confer degrees, a claim it was unable to successfully challenge.


The second trip produced a series of lectures that were printed in in Australia and in the US in rousas rushdoony The "Atheism" of the Early Church.

Those are primarily masculine offenses.

R. J. Rushdoony

Now, fornication has come to mean premarital sex almost exclusively in modern English, but this is not its meaning in the Greek, rousas rushdoony the meaning of uncleanness or nakedness of a thing in the Hebrew.

Now, since every act of extramarital sex by a husband or wife with a person of the opposite sex is adultery, even though it might be also perversion or it might be incest, it is still adultery.

To use a word other than adultery means something else than merely rousas rushdoony offenses.

It refers to this fact of lasciviousness and rebelliousness, and unbelief. Now their point is that for these grounds separation is permissible, but this is not rousas rushdoony terms of scripture, because scripture clearly permits remarriage.

R. J. Rushdoony - Wikipedia

Because the whole point of marriage is that the wife be a help-meet to her husband, and the term help meet means in effect a mirror, an image, one who reflects him spiritually, that is in terms of faith, in terms of a common background, in terms of a common purpose. So that, while it can legally rousas rushdoony, theologically you could say there are factors that normally in almost 99 cases out of a hundred would militate against it.

And these social factors are extremely strong. So in countries where you do have rousas rushdoony kind of group, they do represent a rather bitter and an unhappy group, a rousas rushdoony group.


Now one of the interesting facts here with respect to intermarriage, and our time rousas rushdoony just about up and we will conclude in a moment, is this; that historically, whenever you have had two peoples close together, and one in a position of power and the other in a position of either slavery or inferiority, it takes only a very short time for the two races to merge, rousas rushdoony matter how great the hatred between them.

Thus, when the Normans took England, there was nothing more hateful to the Anglo Saxon peoples of England than a Norman.


And yet, because they were of comparable ability, in spite of that intense hatred, they did merge, ultimately. But when you find rousas rushdoony peoples of rousas rushdoony different intellectual and cultural levels close together, they can be together generation after generation, and the amount of merging is very slight.

So that there is no disappearing of one as against the other.

Rousas John Rushdoony

This is why the Negro did not disappear in the South. Had the slaves been, say of another racial group, it would not have taken more than a hundred years of slavery for the two rousas rushdoony to have merged. But you had a couple of hundred years of slavery in the south, and the Negro did not disappear.

So this rousas rushdoony the remarkable fact.

Rousas John Rushdoony - Wikiquote

As a result, when you hear stories told about how the Negro women were exploited and so on, these stories tend to be exaggerations. As a matter of fact, the truth was usually the other way, it was rousas rushdoony difficult to raise children in the south, or to rear children in the south, because one way of promotion was to rousas rushdoony the interest of a white boy or a white man.

Now this goes counter to the Marxist thesis, but when you study the history of the west you discover that one of the best things that ever happened incidentally to the morality of the upper classes was modern inventions which abolished the need for servants in the home.

Because one of the major problems that existed was the seduction of the boys and the men in a household by servant girls. Writings[ edit ] The Mediator: Christ or the Church?

The Witness of Jesus Christ n.

The Foundations of Social Order [ edit ] An rousas rushdoony therefore has a property right to prefer whom he will, and he can prefer whom he rousas rushdoony in terms of color, creed, race, or national origin.

Selective breeding in Christian countries has led to … the progressive elimination of defective persons. This means that all cultural differences, hereditary predispositions, and historical traditions are irrelevant and meaningless.