The Skaven army is for people who like randomness, silliness and fantastic . This variant upgrades from the original 8th ed version to have 6s for for point, a Warlord is one of the most effective heroes in the Skaven book.‎Unit Analysis · ‎Lords & Heroes · ‎Building Your Army · ‎Buying Your Army. Games Workshop - Warhammer Skaven Army Book . £; 2 bids. View details. edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle army book for Skaven. Kept in a. You're looking at a used 8th edition Skaven army book for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Used but intact. See pictures. | eBay!


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Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Skaven

Its great weapon rats without the initiative penalty. Not to be overlooked as a strong way to cut through a horde. At first Deathmaster Snikch looks like a perfect Assassin, until you read his, you guessed it, points cost. He will almost never see enough action to justify that cost.


Tretch is, put simply, hilarious. He has skaven army book 8th edition exact same stats as a Chieftain, for points more, but he has some amusing abilities. He also grants rerolls to hit to his unit of Clanrats or Stormvermin if they're attacking on the flank or rear, but in practice that's not as useful as you might think.

Obviously, he's best in tightly packed battle lines, as if he fails to reach a viable unit with his leaving combat ability, he auto-dies.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Rulebook 8th Edition Hardcover | eBay

He can be fun to help countercharge draw a unit in, leave combat, charge that unit on the flank next round but that's not as reliable as you might think.

Ultimately, he's a fun but skaven army book 8th edition character. He can be funny in a casual game, but don't take him in a tournament.

Everyone's favorite Clan Moulder monster-wrangler, mostly because he's the closest thing any of the named Skaven come to being actually cost effective points, more affordable than some generic heroes.

Warhammer Skaven Books

Stick him in with a half-dozen Rat Ogres and watch his soft touch with animals propel them to hit skaven army book 8th edition enemy like a meteor. The main issue with the uppity runt is that he's too much of a snob to latch on to a new unit if his personal retinue all bite it, and if you're unlucky and don't roll Regen on your Rat Ogres you'll probably have your investment on the lot fall apart after a couple of flank passes.

That said, he can usually be counted on to do enough damage to justify his initial extra down payment, and is surprisingly capable when it comes to self-defense, all things skaven army book 8th edition.

Generic Characters[ edit ] Note: While named characters are judged against their generic counterparts, generic characters are examined based on their role in your army.

Everything is slinky, right?

Warhammer Skaven Book | eBay

Well then the issues set in. Don't get us wrong, he's a beast if you get him into combat and he can be a nasty caster under a lot of circumstances he can even, in theory, drop a Bloodthirster, though don't count on that.

But his price of entry is inhumanly high and he's a really big and obvious target a solid Ogre Kingdoms or Dwarf list will have his ass dropped on skaven army book 8th edition 1he's weak against getting tar pitted and he has a troubling lack of Always Strikes First.


You can safely leave him out of a tournament list, but he'll make a big splash in casual games. Exalted Vermin Lord Forge World: Forge World has a variant that clocks in at points. His Strength, Toughness, and Wounds have all been boosted to 7 each, although his Initiative is now 9.


He also gains some special rules the vanilla lord lacks, namely Always Strikes First, Stubborn, and Loremaster for both Skaven magic schools. Still costs way too much for most games, but if you want to go nuts in a Grand Army or End Times match he can definitely turn heads.