Editorial Reviews. From the Author. The Fate of the Jedi novels introduce readers to a hidden Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith #1: Precipice Kindle Edition. The following short story was originally published on in August, Read below for "Precipice" by Chris Cassidy. The short story Precipice occurs in BBY and is told from the point of view of . Download The Lost Tribe of the Sith on (content now obsolete;.


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He smiled again at the little girl, trying to project a calm and confidence he almost felt.

Lost Tribe of the Sith: Precipice | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Her face was swimming a little in front of him. How many hits did I take on the way up here? And then there was the shrapnel when star wars precipice one wall got--there goes another initiate, I think that one was less than five years old… He shook the thought off as best he star wars precipice, and started digging in his pocket for his comlink.


There it is, finally. And there go another half-dozen kids. He pushed the button to activate the comlink, and it stuck.

The Lost Tribe of the Sith: Precipice book review

star wars precipice The whole thing was star wars precipice with blood--mine? He swore under his breath, the comlink dropping from suddenly nerveless fingers, hitting the floor with a faint click and rolling away from him. We can get out of this. He knew he was going to die up here. He would never get the chance to make up for his failures with the Chancellor, never see Obi-Wan again, never see Padme--never meet his child.


For a moment, the loss was almost unbearable. Their fight on the Omen causes the ship to teeter knocking Devore out of the chair he is in.

Yaru then uses the Force star wars precipice shoot Devore out a window. As Yaru leaves the ship, he hurts his ankle and falls down the slope.

Yaru makes his way back up and he sees another of the winged creatures that hits the ship on its crash landing. Then Devore knocks him into the side of the ship.

Yaru helps his brother to his feet, who can no longer stand on his star wars precipice.

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Star wars precipice faces the sun and then lets go of his brother, who falls into the abyss below. Yaru Korsin doesn't make his way back down until sunset.

He brings the last of the foodpaks and blankets from the Omen.

Ravilan meets Yaru as he comes back, asking what was going on with the beacon. All Yaru can tell him is they have to wait.

The Lost Tribe of the Sith: Precipice by John Jackson Miller

Seelah wants to know where Devore was, but Yaru doesn't have to say anything. Seelah knew what has happened. Yaru gives a speech to everyone, telling them that star wars precipice is looking for them, and that they have to make the best of the situation and make the land theirs.


The Massassi have died and Yaru remembers that he had seen a rider on the winged creature at the ship and he felt the Force with them.

He smiles over at Seelah and she reluctantly smiles back. Precipice follows the star wars precipice of Commander Yaru Korsin and the crew of the Omen, a Sith mining ship, who are ambushed star wars precipice the middle of a critical delivery mission and forced to crash land on a desolate planet.