Leggi il testo completo di The Rose di Amanda McBroom su Singer, songwriter and cabaret performer Amanda McBroom will return to 54 Below this fall over two nights with her new solo show, Up Close. Amanda McBroom is raising funds for VOICES by Amanda McBroom on Kickstarter! The newest CD from Amanda McBroom (writer of the hit.


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Coffee doesn't cost 35 cents anymore, either. Singing He left the house that morning with his briefcase and his lunch. And he drove off in the rose mcbroom big, old Ford. He came back home that evening in a shiny, little, red thing. And I heard her whisper, oh, my Lord.

And she got that look around her mouth that always seemed to settle when she had a real bad day. I only saw his halo, but she saw his feet of clay.

What comes first for you for a song, the story, the theme? It's always the story.

Amanda "The Rose" McBroom plays Sydney on 19th July | News

Having come from primarily as an actress, when I started writing songs, I started hearing musical monologues, you know, little musical one-act plays. And this particular CD, which I did because I was cleaning out my music studio and found all these old cassettes of songs that I had written, some, you know, the rose mcbroom week and some 20 years ago.

And as I was cleaning them out and throwing them away, I kept saying, that's a really good song. Oh, the rose mcbroom - hey, that's a really good song.

The Rose (song) - Wikipedia

And I decided I wanted to let the babies out the rose mcbroom the closet before they died. So I just - and a friend of mine who's a brilliant producer named Fred Mollin called me from Nashville and said, it's time for us to record another CD.

And I said, I'm the rose mcbroom you the babies. What do you think? And he said, we can do it.


We can do it in Nashville, and it'll sound great. Besides "The Rose," which we're going to ask about, is there a song you want to direct us to on the rose mcbroom album? What it would be?

Singing I'm sitting on a southbound train, staring at the sky. I'm thinking of my childhood, and I'm trying the rose mcbroom to cry. Well, a stranger sleeps against me, and it feels like I'm his wife. The towns and cities flutter past like the pages of my life. That's a beautiful song.


That's one of the few that's on the CD that I did not write. That was written by a wonderful writer from New York named Julie Gold. And, actually, I need to correct myself. But the real reason to accept this Rose is to the rose mcbroom McBroom's the rose mcbroom first-rate work for the first time or hear it all over again if you're a long-time fan like myself.