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All You Need to Know About Domestic Violence

Once there will be a conflict between intimate partners, couples, or family members then that is referred to as domestic violence or also known as domestic abuse. Domestic violence occurs once the relationship will become about one person having full control. Domestic violence can victimize both men and women. Most of the time, it is the perpetrators that will use humiliation, intimidation, fear, and worst physical harm. It is this type of occurrence that can happen regardless of race, culture, religion, financial background, and more. And once you take a look at domestic violence then it is one that can have a number of different types.

One of the types of domestic violence is what is known as physical violence. This is one of the most obvious forms of domestic violence. It is this one that involves the use of force against another individual. Some abusers even use different tools in harming their victims. Some use sticks, bats, and even a gun to inflict harm to the victim. Another type is sexual abuse. This occurs between intimate partners. This is also often considered to be physical violence due to the nature that it has. Sexual abuse encompasses harassment, exploitation, and assault.

Domestic violence also involves nonphysical contact. This is where emotional abuse enters. This involves the abuser attacking the emotional state of the victim. This will make the victim feel helpless. This will also result in isolation from friends and family members. Domestic violence can also be in the form of financial abuse. It is the perpetrator that attacks the financial status of their partner. This usually occurs once the victim earns more than the perpetrator. It is also possible to see financial abuse once the victim is not able to provide for the financial needs of the perpetrator. This can lead to physical abuse and more. Partners with different religious beliefs can also experience abuse. This is referred to as spiritual abuse. Some individuals have a strong inclination toward the religion that they are in. Once their partner will not be able to reciprocate then this abuse can take place.

Once one will experience domestic abuse then it can bring about a lot of negative effects. An individual that has experienced violence will show different effects depending on many factors. One of the ill effects of domestic violence is isolation. This will then lead to these victims not being able to have the social support that they need which can actually make the situation worst. Individuals that have been victims of abuse will also live on fear. It is them that will not feel safe within their home especially when the perpetrator is around. Another bad effect of domestic violence is that it is also one that can affect children. Studies have shown that once maltreatment happens to either wife or husband then most likely, the children also experience the same. It is also this one that can result in these children experiencing neglect. Individuals who have been maltreated feel helpless which can lead to suicide.

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